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This version of Thelen Funeral Services blog is a snap shot into the services offered at our Funeral Home and why we are different…..

We offer full no-obligation pre-planning services. We sit with you and assist you in getting all the information needed to make your final plans easier for your family. During that meeting we discuss your services, we get vital statistic information and based on what services you decide you want, we can give you a cost associated. There are many reasons that make pre-planning important. Perhaps the main reason, pre-planning allows you to get the services you wish to have. The decisions are yours. You get to tell the funeral director what you want, how you want those services to be, and the costs and merchandise you want to have involved in those services. The final step of pre-planning is pre-funding. At Thelen Funeral Services we will assist you and get you to that final estimated number. Once you pre-fund, we guarantee those costs and not just use those funds as a down payment to current costs.

We at Thelen Funeral Services believe that fear comes from the unknown. We are honored in helping families get to know what needs to be done, what things don’t. What things need to be purchased and what things don’t. We won’t “sell” you things, we give you options and allow you to decide what things you want in your Life Celebration. Seminars can help assist in erasing the fear factor. We take the time to walk you thru the process, thru the questions and get you the knowledge needed to make logical decisions without the pressure of an at need death.

At-need planning:
When a death occurs we make the planning and execution process as easy as possible. There is never a way to take the pain away, but we try to take as much of that pain away as possible. We handle the planning process so you can manage and work thru the grieving process. We take the planning off your plate. We handle the flowers; the writing of the obit; arranging the services, talking with the minister, organist, etc.; setting up the cemetery/cremation; organizing the Medical Examiner or Physician communications. All these services are provided to families with our promise to make things as easy on the survivors as possible.

What our building offers:
Thelen Funeral services was built with families in mind. We have done our best to put everything under one roof for you. We have included the chapel, that seats up to 200; a community room, complete with kitchen for your funeral luncheon; an on-site crematory so your loved one never leaves our custody. From the time you give us permission to handle the services, your loved one never leaves our care.

Grief counseling:
At any point in the process, we have a Certified Grief Counselor on staff. Should any family need someone to talk with, we have that person for them. Every person, every family grieves at their own level. We are here to assist you in finding a way to continue your life once your loved one has passed. Your life will never be the same, we are here to allow you someone to listen to you, here to support you.

Holiday program and family remembrance ornament:
Every holiday season we give the families we have served a holiday remembrance. We give the families an ornament, a small token to help them always remember their loved one. The families that have received these tokens have given resounding reviews and seem to greatly appreciate the token and the message of support that comes with them.

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